AdOne Advertising and Design recently teamed with Evenlink to create a corporate apparel store for New York Giants fullback, Henry Hynoski.

SUNBURY – Super Bowl champion and hometown hero Henry Hynoski recently contracted two local companies, Evenlink and AdOne Advertising & Design, to help him create a web site and an online store. The newly released site, features a list of Hynoski’s scheduled appearances, a media archive and an online store with the latest “Hynocerous” gear.

A native of Elysburg, Hynoski could not have imagined just 12 months ago that he would be in the position to require an online presence. But, after helping to bring the New York Giants to a Super Bowl win, the fullback quickly found himself in the limelight and needed a web site that would paint a true picture of his rise to fame.

“I’ve had a lot of support both locally and in New York,” Hynoski commented, “and I wanted to give the fans a way to connect with my background, having overcome adversity to get to where I am today. The web site tells my story and gives fans an opportunity to purchase some clothing.”

Hynoski researched several web marketing firms, but was astonished by the complicated contracts and the high price tags. So, on the advice of a local friend, he contacted Eric Boughner of Evenlink in Sunbury, PA. A high school and college athlete himself, Boughner had integrated his passion for sports with his expertise in internet marketing to help several local teams setup web sites.

“With a lot of sports, you can play for many years after college, but not with football,” explained Boughner. “I miss being in the game; but, creating websites, coming up with marketing ideas and organizing camps for NFL coaches and players has helped to fill that void for me.”

Boughner added how much he enjoyed working with the Hynoski family. “When I first sat down with the Hynoski family, I could tell how proud they were of their son and how proud they are of this area. They really wanted to stay local so they could stay involved with the website and apparel marketing.”

Hynoski knew from the beginning that he wanted to introduce a clothing line on the web site, but wasn’t quite sure where to begin. So, Boughner called on his associates at AdOne Advertising & Design. Together with Hynoski and Boughner, Mike Tobin, AdOne’s creative director, sketched some new apparel logos including the famous “Hynocerous”. Then with the help of AdOne’s president, Greg Underkoffler, Hynoski chose merchandise to feature the new logos.

In the few short weeks following the web site launch, AdOne has processed roughly 150 orders that have shipped across the nation. “AdOne has been phenomenal,” Hynoski noted. “They oversee everything from receiving payments and ordering to decorating and shipping.”

“AdOne was honored to work with Henry Hynoski on this project,” remarked Underkoffler. “There is nothing more satisfying than to see a local company or individual achieve success and if AdOne can play a small role in helping him tell his story, we are proud to do so.”

Hynoski appreciated the one-on-one attention he received at Evenlink and AdOne. “It’s never been a one way street,” he remarked. “It’s great to support local businesses, but these two companies have supported me at every turn in this project. I feel as if we have a friendship instead of just a business relationship.

“I am very grateful to both companies for the work they have put into this and for the level of trust I have in them. The compliments I’ve already received on the web site and the apparel just go to show the quality of the work that has been completed.”

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